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November 2017 Board Meeting
Posted on Jul 1st, 2017

September 26, 2017
The Board approved Phase 2 of the façade construction.  The recently approved loan will be the source of payment of $675,000.
The recommendations from the rules committee were amended to delete limiting space in the storage room pending suggestions from residents about how storage space could re allocated.  The Property Manager will contact a few longtime residents about removing some of their items from the room.  A revised set of rules will be circulated for review and comment.
A draft 2018 budget projects an increase of 2.8% in the dues.  A final version of the budget will be discussed at the October meeting on the 24th.  Copies of the draft budget are available from the management office.
Comsource is locating a consulting engineer to evaluate the pool status.  Kristy Nicks is chairing a committee to work with Comsource and to advise the Board about what needs to be done.  Comsource will also obtain consulting advice about what needs to be done now about the poor condition of the beams in the upper garage.
A report from a consulting engineer about installing washers/dryers in the Forum was provided and the Board’s meeting with the engineer was summarized.  The current rule prohibiting installation of washers/dryers will remain in effect while additional analysis of the report is studied by the Board.  Copies of the report are available from the management office.
The remaining gladiator plaques on the building have to be removed because the other plaques were in poor condition and no source of repair could be found.  Leaving plaques in place would be a potential liability for the Forum.
The Property Manager and volunteer residents will be making recommendations on how to store bicycles as the current room is not adequate.
Comsource and the Property Manager are evaluating different options for securing the rear exit gate.  The present combination lock has been vandalized multiple times.
The next Board meeting is October 24th.

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