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  • Forum Policies & Rules for All
    Residents of The Forum Condominium live in close proximity, share common facilities, and jointly pay condominium expenses. Thus, adequate rules are needed to assist in maintaining a compatible community with a warm, congenial atmosphere.
    The Bylaws of The Forum Condominium contain the basic rules to which we all subscribed when we purchased or rented our apartment The Board of Directors has the responsibility to ensure that these rules are impartially enforced Also, the Board of Directors is empowered, within the guidelines of the Maryland Condominium Act, to establish such additional rules as may be necessary to conduct the affairs of the condominium, to protect the investment of the co-owners, and to foster good community relations. These rules apply to all residents (owners and renters),
    Additional  Rules
    • #25 Lease Addendum....adopted 11/1/06
      # 26 Denial of Amenities Policy effective July 1, 2014
      # 27- Rental licenses: adopted June 23, 2015. All owners who have a
      rental units at the Forum are required to have a copy of the annual
      Montgomery County Rental License on file in the condominium's
      management office.

      # 29 Move in fee changed to $300 adopted 4/28/15
      # 30. Party Room Fee raised to $100 per event plus a $100 deposit which
      will be returned if the room is left in good order. The $100 deposit will be
      used by The Forum if there is damage to the room or if cleaning is needed
      as a result of the event
      . Effective 4/23/2013
      # 31: Electronic Mail: effective 1/1/16 The Board of Directors of The Forum
      approved that all notices to owners, all meeting notices and other
      information shall be sent by email, instead of by US Mail or hand delivery,
      to any owner who provides written authorization on the form provided.
    • #32 Tennis Court use
    • #33 Forum employees doing work for residents: Forum employees may not do any independent work for residents during normal business hours. If such work is undertaken after regular hours the employee needs to be independently insured as the Forum will not assume any responsibility. (adopted 5/26/15)
  • Forum Political Representation
    Political representation
    The Forum is located:
    • Maryland's 8th Congressional District  currently served  (2015) by US Senators Barbara Mikulski (202-224-4654) and Ben Cardin (202-224-4524) Representative Chris Van Hollen (202-225-5341)
    • Montgomery County's Councilmanic 1st District: Roger Berliner (240-777-7828)
    • Maryland General Assembly 18th Legislative District: Senator Richard Madeleno (301-858-3137); Delegates: Alfred Carr (301-858-3638); Ana Sol Gutierrez (301-858-3181); Jeffrey Waldstreicher (301-858-3130)
    INSURANCE INFORMATION FOR OWNERS AND RENTERS OF THE Council of Unit Owners of The Forum Condominium, Inc. (2016)
                                       click link to:   Condominium Insurance Coverage
    The Forum Condominium Association carries a number of insurance policies as required by the Condominium's basic documents. Included among these policies are the Property (including Flood and Earthquake coverage of $1,000,000 each), Boiler and Machinery/Equipment Breakdown, General Liability, Umbrella Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Employee Dishonesty, Workers Compensation, and above-ground storage tank liability coverage policies.
  • Links in the News
    Most  users of this website surf the net. Here are a few sites we've found to be handy.
    Pike District Development
    The Forum was visited by four planners from the White Flint Partnership. The outlined the hope of seven developer corporations to build a pedestrian-friendly area centering on the Pike from Montrose Parkway to south of White Flint Mall. To see what they're planning check out their site
    Community groups in the area formed Friends of White Flint. Check them out at Also check out Pike & Rose, in development across Rockville Pike from The Forum.
    Montgomery County Services
     If you want to find a book in a library branch; check out the route and schedule of RideOn buses, or many other other County services, go to the County's website. Go to
    If you want to look at the County's services to seniors, go to the Seniors Page
    Know Seniors Who Need Help?
    If you are 65 or older, or know someone who is, and they need some extra help, here are some County and state resources (some of these have income limits):
    • For transportation 301-962-0820 and Call 'n Ride  301-738-3252
    • Help with grocery shopping   301-942-1049
    • Bil paying and paperwork help   942-1049
    • Property Tax Credit 1-800-944-7403  or 410-767-4433 (70 years and older)
    • Problems with hoarding 240-777-4080
    • Protective Services ( abuse and neglect) 240-777-3000
    • Nutrition Services  240-777-1100 or 3810
    • 24 hour crisis center 240-777-4000
    • You can also check the Senior Connection for information about available resources
     MetroRail & MetroBus Services
    Check out Metro for schedules, travel times, delays and more. Go to
    Washington Post
    In addition to news, go to the website for restaurant reviews, museum exhibits and more. Check out
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Recycle Toner Cartridges...easy
    We are recycling small batteries by dropping them off at the front desk. We can now do the same with toner cartridges. Don't put these reusable items in the trash! The Forum's Energy Conservation Committee will turn them into cash for our community. Recycle your toner cartridges. You'll help the environment and help the Forum (a little, but every little bit counts!).
    Donate: Much of what you think is trash has lots of good uses…Nearby and Convenient Donation Places
    1. CELL PHONES are used by the County’s Victim Abuse Program. Staples, AT&T, Target, Best Buy and Home Depot will take them
    2. RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES should never be put in the regular trash…yet they contain reusable materials. Leave them at the front desk and they will be safely recycled
    3. METAL CLOTHES HANGERS and small metal items...Put them in the specially labeled metal recycling bin in the back of the building.
    4. CLOTHING AND SMALL HOUSEHOLD ITEMS IN GOOD CONDITION can be dropped off at Goodwill on Boiling Brook Parkway, at NAMI (behind the Hispanic grocery on Parklawn and the Interfaith Clothing Center at 751 Twinbrook Parkway. You will get a tax receipt from these places
    5. COMPUTERS AND MONITORSGoodwill accepts them and will dispose of them correctly or get them to a place that will refurbish and reuse them. You can get a tax receipt
    6. FURNITURE IN GOOD CONDITION…A Wider Circle is a non-profit that will pick up furniture in good condition. You will get a tax receipt. The furniture is put in a storeroom where low income County residents can “shop” for what they need. Habitat’s Restore sometimes picks up furniture (301-947-3304)
    7. BOOKS. Friends of the Library has a store near Goodwill on Boiling Brook. Tax receipts are available. NAMI  and Goodwill also accept books. Local libraries accept donations
    8. PACKING PEANUTS and plastic bubble wrap are accepted at most mail service stores ((Parcel Plus, Mailboxes etc.)
    9. Toner Cartridges…we’ll recycle them if you leave them at the front desk
    10. Lightbulbs:  MOM’s, Hardware City, Home Depot and Lowe’s will take them off your hands and dispose of them safely
  • Where Does the Bus Go?
    The bus can take me where? I had no idea...
    We often write  about transit (incessantly, a less-evolved person may say), but do you actually know where Ride-On and Metro bus can take us? Like most of  you, I (Amy Ginsburg, FOWF Executive Director) could easily list the red line stops in order from Shady Grove to Union Station, but bus stops? Before I wrote this blog post, I had no idea where the buses went. So to educate myself and all of you, please click here to see maps of all the Ride On and Metro bus routes that service White Flint and Grosvenor metro stations as well as some spots around the Pike District. (from the Friends of White Flint January 14, 2016 Blog)
    RideOn at the Forum Rockville Pike stop
    Two convenient routes are: (click on the routes for map and schedules)
    • Route 42: White Flint- Montgomery Mall
    • Route 46: Shady Grove/Montgomery College-MD355-Medical Center

Forum News

Forum Services to Residents
  • What is the Maintenance for Fee Program?
    Forum Condominium Repairs/Maintenance Services(from general rules)
    Work listed below the first section will be billed with a check due from the Resident made out to the Forum Condominium and given to the front desk Residents who have not paid previous balances will not be scheduled for work other than emergencies.
    Work Performed ........................................................Fees Charged
    1. Sinks, tubs and bidets: Replacement of washers and seats in kitchens and bathrooms. This will only include original fixtures. Remodeled or upgraded fixtures will require that resident provide the washers or seats required for the Maintenance Department to install ..............................................................No charge for this service
    2. Clearing clogged kitchen or bathroom sinks. ...............No charge for this service
    The Maintenance Dept will not provide this service for bathtubs
    3. Replacement of hot or cold water supply lines on sinks ..... $25.00 per line
    4 Replacement of J-bends or sink traps on sinks ...................$25.00 each
    1. Clearing stoppage after 4:30 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. or weekends ...$35.00 each
    2. Installation of Fluid Masters, includes parts and labor .............$25.00 each
    3 Installation of Flapper Tank Disc, includes parts and labor ......$10.00 each
    4. Replacement of supply lines on commodes ..............................$25.00 each
    Original Bi-Fold Closet Doors
    1. Replacement of pins in doors, imust supply not original pins ....$10.00 each
    2. Adjustment of closet doors, priced per set i.e. two doors or one closet $10.00 per set
    3 Rehanging existing closet doors, price per closet opening ...............$15.00 each If doors are not original, resident must provide any hardware needed
    Items listed below require payment at front desk in advance by check to the Forum Condominium
    1. Fluorescent bulb replacement ...........................................................$2.50 each
    2. Incandescent bulb, 40, 60 or 100 watt ..............................................$1.50 each
    3.. 9-volt batteries i.e. for smoke detectors ..........................................$2.50 each
    4. Mail box lock replacement with two keys provided .........................$20.00 each
  • What's on The Forum website?
    Go to, register, entering the informaion you wish public with your e-mail address required. You'll receive by e-mail a randomly selected password. Go back the website and login. If you choose, open your profile and enter yuor own preferred password. The website is organized as follows. If you have difficulties or questions, cleck on contact me, select webmanager and enter you question.
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